IO details Hitman 3’s busy post-launch content schedule for February


Hitman 3’s only been out a couple of weeks, but IO Interactive clearly doesn’t intend to let assassin’s catch their breath; the developer has now detailed Hitman 3’s first month of free post-launch content, and there’s a lot going on as February unfolds.

Things get underway today, 4th February, with the arrival of new Escalation contract The Baskerville Barney, which challenges players to navigate Thornbridge Manor and kill off the entire Carlisle family – but only using “accidents”.

That’s followed on 11th February with a Dubai-set Featured Contract being released in conjunction with YouTube show MinnMax, and there’s another Escalation contract arriving on 18th February – this time in the form of The Sinbad Stringent, which arms players with nothing but a throwing knife and pits them against a series of (presumably increasingly nefarious) boxes.

23rd February brings a new Deluxe Escalation – for owners of Hitman 3’s Deluxe Edition – titled The Proloff Parable. This one challenges players, cast as the White Shadow, to work through a series of eliminations onboard a passenger train as it winds through the Carpathian Mountains. Weapons of choice are the white katana and white Sieger 300 sniper rifle.

A second Deluxe Escalation, The Gauchito Antiquity, arrives on the same day. Here, players take on the role of the tech-savvy Guru and must eliminate their targets using poisoning. Deluxe unlocks for the two escalations include the White Shadow and Guru outfits, the two white weapon variants, plus the Guru’s Emetic Grenade and Syringe Emetic.

The second of February’s Featured Contracts, this time in association with Kinda Funny, unfolds on Dartmoor starting 23rd February, and the month draws to a close with The Deceivers, a new Sapienza Elusive Target contract that runs from 26th February to 8th March. Here, players must track down a pair of targets known as, yes, The Deceivers in order to call the mission a success.

All of the above will be steadily unlocked throughout February once today’s Hitman 3 update has been downloaded on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. You’ll find some footage of each new addition in the February roadmap trailer (above) accompanying today’s announcement.