The Falconeer lands on Xbox Game Pass today, with new dragon DLC


Birdy aerial combat game The Falconeer arrives on Xbox Game Pass today, alongside a small dollop of new DLC.

The new content introduces the best thing a game like this could introduce: rideable dragons (ormirs). It also adds homing missiles (pyro pots), which are apparently a bit overpowered but help address some of the trickier moments in the game. And in my experience of The Falconeer, overpowered is good.

The Hunter DLC, as it’s known, is £1.69 / $1.99 / €1.99.

The game’s creator, Tomas Sala, told me about the homing missiles being OP. We had a long talk yesterday, which I’m working on turning into a story for you.

The Falconeer was an Xbox X/S launch title (it’s also available on PC) and is enhanced for both platforms so it runs silkily, making the all-important flying lovely to control. There’s aerial combat, as mentioned, but really it’s the world that stands the game apart. It’s a moody archipelago of conflicting factions and deep, dark secrets and mythology, and it pulls at you to discover what’s going on.

It’s singular, and it feels this way for a reason: it was made entirely by Tomas Sala. He had help with music and with console compliance, but otherwise, it was all him, making it a strange kind of personal statement of a game. And he’s still beavering away supporting it, adding new content and ironing out kinks where he can.

Game Pass is a perfect place for it. I suggest you give it a try!